little yellow house.

a new city, a new house and reunited with my hunny. it's essentially a new life and a fresh start! since graduation from western carolina university, i've been living with my parents while searching for a teaching position. finally, after a year and a half, and hundreds of resumes later... i've found a JOB!! i'll be teaching 6th grade science and coaching boys and girls soccer! i feel blessed that we were able to move to the charlotte area, where michael and i have some of the best friends. hello real world, i have just arrived.

we moved in a week ago and the house is still in shambles, no pictures on the wall, random furniture and my computer is on the floor as i blog. i can't wait to fix everything up, but it will definitely take some time {and a few paychecks}. i've been super busy at school, preparing for the 25th when the students arrive. *biting nails* i'm not going to lie, i'm a little nervous. so before i get swept away with being a teacher, i wanted to share our new pad: our little yellow house. i love it!!! and can't wait to warm it up with a little tlc... and friends :) the guest room is ready for our first visitors!

{ front room: connects to living room and kitchen entry on right wall }

{ front room and hallway back to rooms + bathroom }

{ office }

{ guest bedroom }

{ master bedroom }

{ master bath }

{ master bath }

{ 2nd full bath }

{ kitchen }

{ appliances }

{ living room and stage/dining room? ..used to be a car port }

{ sitting room goes out to back porch }

{ garden, eat fresh }

{ us }

and there it is. our little yellow house!
I hope everyone has a happy sunday.

back to school,