and a $20 date.

Do you want the best $20 date of your life? Look no further than your local meat market or hey... how about Food Lion? CRAB LEGS!

These days Michael and I are a long distance pair. When traveling to visit one another, we usually eat out just to have some alone time, away from the parentals. One weekend, early May, Michael and I lucked out. My parents were out of town. fabulous! Michael and I both love to cook together so we seized the opportunity to stay home and use the kitchen utensils, tablecloths, candles, pots and pans... We turned on our favorite band: Widespread Panic, popped couple of beers and made 3lbs. of delicious crab legs. mmmm MMM!

We loved this night... and you can, too!


the beach in retrospect.

Oh, my - it has been a long time since my last post. I'm so thankful to have some "me time" back in my life. These past two months, these feet have been hauling my 25 year-old body all over tarnation. (yes, 25... a new happening since we last spoke). During the months of May and June I feel like I have been treading water with a brick above my head. EVERY weekend was planned with something important to do or celebrate, lit-trill-lee, every. weekend. As much fun as that sounds, it's physically exhausting... and I'm in no rush to do it again. However, I do have a plethora of stories, events, ideas, and general goodness to share with you all. So, please stay posted, as I will be giving my Fresh Face world a much needed makeover.
I'm very much looking forward to spending my last summer at home, here on Lake Murray, taking it easy in the slow lane for awhile. And while we're on the subject of - the slow lane... the beach. Kicking off my two month extravaganza of events (after a bridal shower, and oh yea, bridal portrait photo shoot) ...I made it to THE BEACH! I was in heaven. I love a good black and white photo. And since I'm posting about the beach sooo far after the fact, I figured... black and white would be best. Please enjoy some of my favorite pictures from our beach trip.

I'll be back, oh, so soon, to share more of my adventures.

Take it Easy,