C is for Crazy Calendar

So, I just searched google images for "full may calendar." I was trying to find something that had
scribbles, notes, doc apointments, birthdays, anniverserys, weekend roadtrips :), etc. written all over it. I was just going to put a quick post up about the busy bee I've been theze da
yz and basically let my 8 followers know that I can't
wait until life slows down a bit so I can get back into the
blogging swing of things. The way things are looking I still have one more busy month ahead leading
up to Megan's wedding on 06/25! One thing is for sure, when I get back to my blogging business, I'll have plenty to share. But guess what happened!?!!

So, I was searching google images.... browsing over multiple calendars and the first cute one I click on is an etsy seller! It was meant to be. So instead of posting something really lame like hey look at this busy calendar and I'll be back.... I get to share Stephanie Fitz etsy world with you! She is a cute little illustrator. Here is what I've found:

{ May and June busy busy }

{ forest friends + teacups! i like it. }

{ sleepy bunnies - made me think of one of my good friends Christy who is putting her first nursery together! }

{ just a cute doo dad }
{ animal alphabet ~ need this for my future classroom }

{ out of season a tad, but one of my faves }

{ i love a cute note card ~ makes you want to send them more often :) }

Anywho ~ I'm wishin' I had more time to do this fun stuff all day, but I am up to my eyeballs in happenings these days. I hope your day is full of sunshine. I will return.

- Christina


Recent Antique Finds.

Oh, the joy of finding a hidden treasure! I love antique shopping. Back in the day, my best friend Callie and I had a real nice summer job paying $7.50 an hour. We worked 40 hour weeks and on pay day we would go to the bank, cash our checks, and hit up Midlands Antique Mall. At 16 years old, we were loving life. {and of course, antiques}. Antique mall, flea market, yard sale, consignment shop, ebay... you name it ~ I love them all! Anyways, these are a few of my recent finds.

The first two finds are from Midlands, now Little Mountain Antique Mall:

{ green box possibilities: spice rack, mail holder, picture frame display }

{ old blue frame: a nice change of pace from the rectangular form }

This one is my favorite and is from the coolest looking antique shop I've been to yet... somewhere in between Bostic and Shelby, NC. I had to make Michael stop (and take pictures).

{ 8x10 gold wooden frame: i love the details & the $25 price tag }

{ just look at this place! }

{ & i want this chair but there wasn't room in the car.. }

I also got some real cool cast iron trivets that I gave Megan at her kitchen shower. You can find a lot! If only I could cash my pay check and run to the nearest antique seller, like when I was 16. Oh, the glory days!

Go find something old and make it new!
- Christina


Happy Birthday, Bro!

To my most wonderful brother, Nicholas Lee. You are another year older, another year wiser. I can't believe the baby in the bunch is now 19!! Weird. Your future is lookin' bright kiddo. Today I want you to know, that you are magnificent just the way you are. You are special. You are cool. Happy birthday to the baddest brother on the block! You rock!

{ again, Lauren Maurer watercolor, etsy her }


Sunday blog stroll

Yes, it is Sunday morning... Waking Michael up from slumbering is a difficult feat. So, instead of having that struggle this morning, I just decided to take a Sunday blog stroll, while he slept in a little longer. I found myself at one of my favorite blogs: Geninne's Art Blog. She does mostly birds, but I've tried to include a variety of her subjects. See why I love...

{ stacked fish }

{ collage bird }

{ peacock tree }

{ magnolias: digital art }

{ elephant }

{ bird tree love }

Just a quick sampling of all my favorite lovelies from Geninne's Art Blog.
She is my woodland art heroine. Now for some Sunday morning coffee :)

- Christina