{professional} amateur fotographer.

back from the holidays, with a new toy! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.. and if you like a deal as much as i do.. a lovely black friday, too! thanks to my new hhgregg credit card, i purchased an 18mp Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR camera. i LOVE it. since that day, i've been reading up on all the buttons and do-dads. in addition to teaching 6th graders, i'm hoping to start a little side job as a {professional} amateur photographer. the hope is that i will at least get enough jobs to pay for the camera. i love taking pictures, and when you love what you're doing... you can end up with something truly special. that is my goal. Soooo, spread the word to all of your friends and family. i would love to be a part of all their special moments!

I'm ready to start.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.


the most random post ever.

lately i cannot seem to help my obsession with the 1960s. our house is being taken over by it.
when editing pictures on picnik, my mouse could find the "1960s button" with my eyes closed. i may be taking this thing overboard, but i love it. everything becomes more nostalgic.
above is a beach picture that i've always loved... and now ~ i love it even more with a 1960s twist. if you love pictures as much as i do and you don't have picnik yet, you should.
there are gillions of different editing combinations...
but once you find your favorite, you'll never go back.

{our yellow house: bits and pieces are coming together}

{hoping we have a green thumb}

this house has a story.
{i wish i knew it}

the only story that i know... is that everytime michael and i drive from his parents house back to charlotte: we pass this house. AND every time i would say, "michael! pleaaaseee can we stop and take pictures of that house?" AND not wanting to turn back around, we would pass it everytime. SO! We went into this one really old antique place we had been before looking for 1960s furniture. {I managed to find a nice looking hutch, but he wanted $425 for it.. and that was not my kind of deal} I asked the man where he got it and he said, "the old house with the pink shutters," as he pointed down the road. He said, "yeah they're gonna burn it down soon, so we emptied it out."

okay ~ long story, but that is how i FINALLY got michael to stop and take pictures of this place. because they're going to burn it. apparently the family who used to live here owned a lot of land.
i think it's magical.

appreciating the fall colors on the blue ridge parkway...
after wcu homecoming!

our bulbs that we hope bloom!

im not sure michael likes so much attention on my blog.
but he's real cool.

{ we got out some black and
white photography to hang soon }

love a random post,



our halloween in charlotte was not spent going to gravediggers ball. no, no... we were too broke for that, but some how managed to scrape enough pennies together to make a weekend trip to lowes :) i've been debating over paint chips for weeks! finally we decided on pebblestone with a flat finish. it's a much needed improvement from our once light yellow living room walls (that color is ALL over the house). we put the first coat of paint on the walls on hallow's eve. halloween was spent doing the trim and second coat. by the time trick-or-treaters started arriving, it was time to peel the tape off and see our finished work... that's when i got the bright idea for my halloween costume :P i have to say, we did a great job AND had fun doing it... watching football and hanging around in sweatpants all day... next project recover the couches.

just a little halloween diy.
- christina