Take a hat.

Sooo, my sisters and I have been planning a trip New York City over the holidays. But as it turns out, Megan and Amanda have opted for a shorter trip to DC... and now I am left with the decision of either riding the bus by myself to NYC and visiting a dear friend Danielle (on her 25th birthday!) ~or~  just going with the flow and exploring the DC area. I love having a plan, but sometimes... plans just don't work out.

Either way, I will need a hat. 
I love wearing one + it is going to be quite chilly compared to what I'm used to.
I've already purchased mine at Belk. It is black and will go with anything... but oh la la, did my eyes stumble upon something magnificent this afternoon... on etsy!

talk about a hat.

About the Artist: "Behida Dolić was born in a small village in northern Bosnia in 1982. Behida was raised by a community of crafters, kilim makers, furniture builders. It was here where her hands begin to learn the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. After the war, Behida moved to America to start a new life. While traveling in Italy, Behida first encountered & fell in love with early 20th Century American fashion, and began making hand-draped cloche hats. In 2003, she moved to San Francisco to finish her degree at San Francisco Art Institute. She currently lives and works in her millinery studio in Berkeley CA."

Are they not lovely?
I thought so. 
But my Belk hat will do for now ...
whether it be NYC or DC... we shall.. C.
Christina :)


Nursery Mural Painting

This whole project started very casually one day at school. Stacy was like, "hey! could you paint a tree in my nursery?" I thought about it for a second, sure, I've never done it before, but I knew I could. We went to etsy for inspiration, and the rest is history. We borrowed an overhead projector from our school, I blew up the picture of the tree that Stacy wanted, put it on an overhead and the work began. After the very first day, which consisted of only taping off the tree, I knew this project was a big one. All in all it took me about six, five hour days to complete it... I think. I really enjoyed the whole process.  With a minor in Art from Western Carolina, I was excited to get back to a hobby of mine that sometimes can get pushed aside with our busy day to day lives. It was a relaxing and enjoyable process that I would love to do again.  What made this whole process even more special is that Stacy and Bryan are waiting on a phone call any day now to hear that their child has been born. They are on a special adoption journey.. and what a luck baby to have the two of them as parents. Seriously, Stacy is going to be the best Momma. The two of us were almost in tears a couple of times, just thinking about it. The smile on her face when we put all the furniture back in the nursery was priceless. Keep up with Stacy's blog to see their adoption journey unfold. And if you want a mural painted somewhere in your house. Let me know!

email me: christina.spatharos@gmail.com

Step, by step, Stacy and Bryan's new nursery!!