note to self:

make curtains. after five months, sheets are not acceptable.my favorite thing that i do every morning before school starts, is to open the blinds...


the line up.

Promising a house decor inspired by Mid Century Danish pieces has been a difficult task. It has taken a certain determination to start seeing this style unfold in our house.  Since October, the shed is still empty and - no danish woodworking elf is to be found on the premises.  Oh if only, but I am blogging seated at a desk right now.. so we've been making some strides!

Below is a list of avenues I've taken to find Mid Century pieces for our home:

1. Craigslist. Search: furniture. Keywords: mid century, danish, retro, 1960, modern.(i'll even go as far to search surrounding cities that would be just a days drive)

2. Yard Sales. Some of the BEST finds are to be found at a yard sale.(to find yard sales in your area. Google: your city , yard sales)Wake up early, write down all the addresses and pop 'em in your GPS!

3. Antique Malls / Stores / Hole in the Walls. Usually more expensive than the first two options.Search these places out. Find them and go there. Once, on my way to a yard sale.. I found this "hole in the wall" (old house w/ a bunch a junk sitting outside of it & quite small) I'm still in cahoots with Jack Winchester over this amazing Danish style hutch I want for under our new TV... The people who collect and sell antiques are great AND if you get to know them and tell them what you're looking for, they can usually point you in the right direction. 

4. Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. Now this isn't fair to you, because it is a local treasure. If you so decide you can travel to Charlotte on the first weekend of every month for this extravaganza. It's basically everything you want in one place... and has been quite the provider of goods for this household.

Now, I have bought a couple different tables and lamps, but I have come to my collections end in one genre. CHAIRS. After this month's trip to the Metrolina Expo, I no longer have it in me to purchase another chair. However, this chair streak I have been on has been a fun one and I LOVE what I have found. Sooo, in keeping with my promise of a modern Danish style of living. I would like to share with you the line up of chairs I have collected. 

pair of barstools :: metrolina tradeshow expo :: $25

single chair :: neighbor's trash pile :: free

fixer upper chair for craft :: "hole in the wall" jack winchester's :: he gave it to me

the last chair i bought :: metrolina tradeshow expo :: $189  $125  $50!

set of four chairs with dining room table :: craigslist :: $100

my favorite chair (ottoman not pictured) :: yard sale :: $25

pair of chairs :: office discount furniture store :: $40

 And those are my chairs, friends! I hope you enjoyed them!

your Danish elf,

p.s. michael wanted me to say he is starting to like hunting antiques :)



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happy 2011: be inspired!



{this is my hat} 

I ended up making the trip to NYC for my first time EVER over the holidays! I was so excited that I just had to follow through with our original plans. I drove from my sister's house in Waldorf, MD to D.C. where I caught a four hour bus ride into the city. Before I boarded, I bought a coffee and a New York Times newspaper. I had to. 

Below is a list of places Danielle so graciously took me on my visit:
**Gemma, an Italian Restaurant in the Bowery Hotel
**Elba, for drinks by mixologists
**Park Slope - Brooklyn, this is where Dani lives (rooftop pics!)
**Soho, for a little window shopping & lunch
**Cafe de la Esquina, delish mexican-ish food.
**Central Park
**The Plaza Hotel
**Bergdorf Goodman 
**Rockafellar Center
**NBC Studios
**Time Square

Am I missing something? It was a whirlwind of a trip, as I was there for less than 24hrs, but I'm so glad I made it! It was great to spend time with Danielle and also a high school friend of mine, Katie. Props to my strong lady friends who are making it happen in the big city! Love you. &. 
I <3 NY. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures.