i want a danish.

...and no, not a danish that goes with coffee and a morning newspaper. i want a danish, as in, the people. and to be more specific: a woodworker. ok, so i want a danish elf. i have the perfect little shed for him and there he could create masterpieces for my home. first on his list of projects: a danish desk ~ because someone is still blogging on the floor.

all of this danish inspiration came from a trip today to a local consignment shop. and i've found yet another couch to fall in love with. clean lines. solid hickory. one cushion top. ahhh. and i have the perfect place for it. the danish style furniture is so retro/modern and i love it. im looking to purchace the first piece to my collection. tonight i've been scouring craigslist, ebay, overstock, and etsy to feed this danish hunger. however, the best inspiration came from suiteny.com, full of beautiful {and expensive} furniture... thank God for thrift shops. the following is just a little research i thought i would share.

i've been a busy teacher and soccer coach these days. pulling 13 hour days. seriously... it doens't leave a lot of time for me to brainstorm house decor ideas. so, this weekend im locking myself in the house and coming up with a game plan! you can count on some danish inspiration!

just delightful.