white nails, eat snails.

White is the fresh new color this spring/summer. And as far as nail polish colors go, white is the new black. Stars such as Scarlett Johansen and Kim Kardashian are sporting this new spring look. So, I picked up an inexpensive bottle at CVS two days ago to try out the new trend. So far, I really like it!! It's the little joys in life that make each day a good one. Happy Wednesday!



Meet Amber & Jeremy.

I'm so excited about all of these!!!
more to come later.


Meet Emily & Chris.

{ em and her pups }
Meet Emily. She truly is as sweet as she looks. Emily and I met my freshman year at Western Carolina and I have been blessed to call her a friend ever since. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out I would be moving to Gastonia... because Em lives about four minutes down the road! There's nothing like having friends close by. So, when Emily and Chris asked me to take their engagement pictures I was thrilled.  {but didn't yet have a camera!}  Emily and Chris have been dating ever since I've known them. They're like peas and carrots. They're so in love, so happy, so comfortable. I love it. Our photo shoot took place at their sweet home off Helen Drive. Unfortunately, the sun didn't peep out to say hello... but in the end, after looking at all the pictures - Emily and Chris were happy with what we got. And that makes me extra happy. Take a look-see!

I just love them!!