Bridal Portraits: Megan McNeillie.

As promised, sister Megan's bridal portraits. I've been so excited to share my first bridal photography session!! Time flys by so fast and before you know it, your little sister is married. On June 25th Megan and Gary got hitched, two days later they left for Costa Rica on their honeymoon, upon return they've settled into their new home in Maryland. WOW! I'm so proud of Megan for so many reasons.

I am no professional photographer... but what we got this day I was really happy with. I shot in the raw, so we had that going for us. I also just found a great photo editor online: picnik! It's so easy. Of course, looking back, I thought of some things I would do differently and other ideas to try. But, the bride was happy. What else can you ask for? {to read more details of our day, see my earlier blog post from april titled: photo shoot..}

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She's beautiful,


It's 4th of July Weekend!

Time to break out everything red, white and blue. I have to say, the 4th of July, I love. There is something so nostalgic about this holiday, that takes me right back to my childhood. and it is sweet. Block parties, pool days, cookouts, neighbors and our own firework display (the parachute firework was my favorite... where the firework goes off and then this little army man falls down from the sky attacted to his very own coffee filter:) It was great... and I could run fast.

This year I plan on spending the weekend on Lake Murray, again, with family parties and cookouts. We've got a close knit group of Chapinites that know, this is what we do. Nothing has to be planned, we just gather accordingly, like clockwork. The great thing about the grown up celebration is: a) I am 21. and b) the grown up firework display. It's held every year and I've been watching it for some time now. Saturday evening we'll be tuning our radio to the station that plays everything American and watching the fireworks light up the lake. (catch: no parachute firework).

Need ideas for a festive fourth? I took the liberty ;) of gathering some inspiration, from where else, but etsy. I hope you, too, have a fun and safe weekend celebrating America the beautiful!

a red, whtie and blue

happy weekend,