River Rock Craft.

Happy Friday! This week I've been having some fun working on some crafty items for our little bambina. After Tom and I's "springtime walk" down by the river, I had to go back.. this time with a bucket to collect river rocks to paint!

Here is what I've done:

Tom and I were very picky only to collect rounded semi-flat rocks. This was about an hour of weeding out the good ones.

Thank you Pinterest for the owl inspiration for this lil gal. We found the perfect rock, so she can stand up all on her own!

An ALPHABET for lil ___________ !
It has been super tough for me to hold back on her name lately. We use it all the time at home, but we are still waiting for her to make her debut to announce it.

C is for CLEMSON!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!
32 wks today!


  1. Love the owl. Very adorable!

  2. I have that picture of the owl stones in my cube at work. So cute!! ~Mandy