Felt and Fabric Flowers

Knowing that I've got a little beanette growing inside of me, I decided it was time to start making her some accessories! Crafting and putting together these little flowers for her was so sweet. I'm looking forward to adding these little joys to her hair, bookbag, my diaper bag, or pinning them to one of her sweet little outfits. Below are the supplies I used, flowers I made and links to the directions, with a few added tips from yours truly. Enjoy!

fabric, felt (i used all of mine), ruler, hot glue

paper and fabric scissors, pen, needle and thread, hot glue gun, directions

The first flower I made took the longestttt.
i left the center bare. looking for a nice little jewel to add.

old pins around the house? we did.. tom took his apart so i could sew these onto the felt backing.
This flower is labor intensive, due to having to cut out and glue each petal individually. The directions tell you to use a fabric tacky glue, which I had, but it takes sooo much longer to dry. I like using the hot glue gun for its instant stickyness. ALSO - I created and used a stencil to estabilish uniformity with the shape of the petals. You want them all to look the same.



As you can see the pink flower on the left is slightly different from the two smaller flowers on the right. Both types are straightforward. You can make one of these flowers in 5 minutes!! I must admit these would look a little better with a few leaves tucked behind them. I am lacking a catalog of felt colors at the moment.


Not my favorite. Infact, I didn't even glue it in place. If anyone knows of a good tutuorial for fabric rosette flowers... let me know.


These flowers are my FAVORITE! And to boot, they don't take that long... maybe 30 minutes!

The directions called for a fabric covered button for the center of the flower. I didn't have the materials for that... so instead I made little versions of Flower #2. I think they turned out cute!! ALSO when you read these directions you will see that the petals are all strung together on a string.. you tie the two ends of the string together to form the circular arrangement of the petals... One thing I did after that part of the directions was to hot glue, with just a dot, the sides of the petals together so they better kept their shape and wern't able to shift around as much.


I can't wait to see _____________ wear these!!



Tasty Delight.

super delish!



My Choice: and the Story of the Elephant.

Before I begin telling the story of my own choice, one that is deeply personal, I want to make sure that my readers know that I respect the decisions of all men and women who have also had to make a "choice." It is not an easy decision. When one considers the act of abortion you ultimately fall on one side of the argument.
I am Pro Choice. I have always said and I quote, "I don't know what I would do unless I was in that situation." I liked knowing I had a choice, but when making that decision I believe it all comes down to knowing yourself and what you can and cannot put yourself through.

In no way am I posting this to defend the Pro Choice stance against its counterpart, or vice-versa... The purpose of this post is to share how I arrived at my decision to move to Colorado, be with Tom and start a family. MY CHOICE.

Looking at a pregnancy test and realizing you are indeed pregnant (when not expecting it) was nothing like I had imagined. In my mind I had invisioned instant boo-hooing and gobs of tears (that came later). My experience was much different. Maybe it was shock, but I remember having a clear focus - what am I going to do? What are my choices? I was alone in my house contemplating my future. And then 15 minutes later I knew what I was going to do - yeah. right. This was something that deserved much thought. A life was growing inside of me. I spent what I think was about two weeks going over the scenarios and reasons to support either decision. I came to realize that previous experiences in my life ranging in significance had a lot to do with my decision. It became blaringly obvious what I had to do.

Here were my thoughts:

1. This pregnancy was the result of my decisions. Do I penalize the life of another to continue living an uninterrupted life of my own? Ultimately, for me, no.

2. Tom and I were developing a relationship that I was head over heels about... everywhere I turned there seemed to be signs pointing me to Tom. Our lives just seemed to fit together in a way I had never experienced and either it was one huge coincidence or God played a role in bringing us together. I believed the later of the two. Before I read the pregnancy test, I prayed the results be God's will. So, when it came back positive... I felt how could I turn away from what, up to this point, I believed was the work of God? I couldn't.

3. In high school my 3 best friends and I were in a horrific four wheeling accident. I was driving a four wheeler with my friend Sarah riding on the back, Emily and Callie on another. We went over a hill too fast - Sarah fell off and was knocked unconscious, blood coming out of her nose and mouth. She was left with a 5% chance to live. Telling this story brings tears to my eyes. I was looking at being responsible for an accident that caused the death of my best friend. As long as there was hope - I held it. I held on to that 5% with all of my being and experienced to date the strongest amount of faith I have ever had... that everything would be okay! And it was... she lived, graduated from high school, Clemson University and is now attending PT school in St. Augestine, FL. Everyday I am thankful for God's grace and healing hand. I honestly don't know where I would be today if things had turned out differently. Thankful for the life Sarah had been granted... and I had been granted... the life of this child, I will also be the most thankful for! ...Not to mention she was concieved on Labor Day weekend... the same weekend the accident took place on 8 years ago.

4. If you know me, you know I love the artsy! When my friends and I had time in high school art class we would devour the National Geographic magazines for clippings. I came upon an article about ELEPHANTS! ...and how they were being illegally poached for their ivory tusks. The article was so sad, but what really had an effect on me was a picture of a tiny baby elephant that never had the chance to live... its momma was hunted and killed for her tusks. The picture showed the flesh of the momma cut open revealing the most perfectly formed baby elephant you have ever seen. I must have studied that picture for a while because the image remains vivid in my mind... and to this day I still know exactly where that clipping is tucked inside of my photography notebook. Elephants are the largest land animals on the planet, weighing about 230 lbs when they are born! It was fascinating to me how small and perfect this little one was. A reminder to me now how perfect and whole my baby was during many of the weeks abortion is legal. Another reason for my choice. This is why I want to incorporate elephants in our little girl's nursery :)

pinky the elephant came in the mail along with some other items from my great friend lauren wagoner!

my sister megan and brother-in-law gary sent us so many baby goodies! one of my faves the elephant hoodie!

before i left north carolina, i bought myself this elephant charm for my pandora bracelet :)


What about all the unkown. What about all of the risks and ALL I would be leaving behind..... So many are able to have this procedure done and move on with the life they have planned, uninterrupted. That option is so tempting, but after a lot of thought... I just knew MYSELF... and knew I couldn't. I am putting my faith in God's plan for my life and seeing it through. It is with this faith and the love of my family and friends that I can make the leap into the unknown.. and motherhood.

In all actuality... it was being with my family one sunny October Clemson football weekend... (Meg's 25th birthday!) that gave me the definite answer to the choice I had to make. I didn't ask for their advise. Simply being with them was all I needed to know to make my decision. Family is so wonderful!! The following is a poem that I wrote, in preparation for the weekend, just incase I made up my mind and announced it to the family...

I know this comes as a shock
To you, as well as me.
This wasn't in my plan,
In my future I did not see.
I pictured a plan more perfect
Made by my design.
But now I find my plan must be resigned.
For what can be more perfect than a plan such as His?
However, I know
This won't be a wiz...
I need you to jump on board.
I need you to be strong.
For what I'm about to tell you
Will last our whole life long.
You see, I'm pregnant,
Tom and me.
And I've contemplated adding
To our family tree...
Adding by two
I know this family has enough love
To see us all through.
I know you must be troubled sick
Over what is to come,
But in 9 months there will be joy
And gladness and fun.
Have faith in Tom, have faith in me.
For we are trying, you will see.
It's time for me to let go
That is a must.
And believe in God's plan...
One I can trust.

To all those who have made their own choice.



Brunswick Stew.

When I was living at home with my parents my favorite night of the month was when Mom and her girlfriends had Book Club! My mom's friends are amazing and they graciously allowed me to attend AND... I LOVED IT!! When I return home to Chapin, SC I very much look forward to seeing these women.

Last year they all put together a compilation of recipes and made it into a "Wine, Women and Words Cookbook."

Now living in Colorado, I've recently become a Broncos and Tebow fan! This past Saturday Tom and I hosted a little get together for the game and I made one of my mom's recipes from this cookbook. Brunswick Stew: one of my all time favorites. Yum. I also made a Mary Gohean Trivisono (we call her Mermis) staple: Jalapeno Squares! Also, delicious.

I can happily say that Tom and I are still eating Brunswick Stew leftovers.

Try this recipe at your house! It's bound to be a winner. Promise.



Christmas at 443 Teocalli.

It just dawned on me that I haven't shared any of our pictures from Christmas! To be honest, my camera has been MIA these days. I busted it out to capture some Christmas cheer for our families one night... And that was about it. I've been a busy bee, but the camera has not been forgotten forever...

Our Christmas was cozy and sweet. We went to a couple Christmas parties thrown by lovely friends Doug and Dawn, but Christmas day Tom and I stayed nested in the house. The only trip out was for church that morning; the rest of the day was spent cooking, FaceTiming family, opening presents and being jolly. Although Christmas 2011 was spent far away from my sisters, brother Mom and Dad, I know family isn't about how close we are literally... More than ever I know family is a bond of the heart. My family's bond has been my greatest gift in life. I am thankful everyday for that bond and the individuals I get to share it with. Tom and I look forward to creating the bond of family in our own home and spent the day being thankful for all of our blessings. And chances are if you are reading this - you are one of them. I hope you all had the best of Christmases and your New Year is off to a brilliant beginning.


Us and Christmas banner!

Christmas picture.

we each picked out a new ornament to remember our first Christmas together.

me + tree

our semi put together living room!

baking at this altitude is giving me a run for my money... the fudge never set up, but we still ate it :)

 baby bump!

my new ski jacket!!

our Christmas feast!

homemade apple pie... with homemade crust! it was a little too juicy, but delicious still.

the menu at Doug and Dawn's Christmas party. Doug is the culinary gambler... and a great one!

new years eve we went out with friends to maxwell's! UM!
..then jam sesh. rockin!

Our first Christmas.


Oh, one more thing... I must share the first and cutest little pair of baby booties that one of my best friends Meg gifted us! They match Mommy's!


Daddy's Girls.

...Momma's girls too! I wouldn't trade my parents for the world! If you've known me for awhile chances are you've seen me wear a necklace with a pendant of a leaf dipped in gold. A long time ago Dad came home from a business trip with this necklace and a pair of matching earrings for my Mom. I remember being a little girl and always asking to try on my grandmother's rings... So it was no surprise when this jewelry set (never worn by my mom) made it's way to college with me. Well I started wearing the necklace, but not really the earrings. That's when my sister Megan said she would like to have one of the earrings and make it into a necklace. Great idea! I graciously gave Mom's earrings away to Meg and Amanda and soon we were all sporting gold leaf necklaces!

Now... I dont know if your Dad is like mine, but typically Dad did not have much to do with Christmas present shopping. Probably a good thing, as Mom always knew best. However, the past two years Dad has made big hits with his girls.

Christmas 2010 - Dad bought us all silver leaf necklaces - big hit.. What a sweet and thoughtful gift for the typical "black bag" Christmas gifter. I once received odor eater balls for my tennis shoes.

Christmas 2011 - Dad took his Christmas charm a step further by custom ordering us River rock necklaces. The three smaller stones represent my sisters and I and the longer stone is for our Mom. Mom got a necklace too, but with one extra stone for sweet Nicky Boy.

Thanks Dad!!


Tour of the Hood

Just incase you (mom and dad) are wondering where I roam... here are some of the highlights of Crested Butte South.
..missing a photo of the beloved Rubens.

Our Road - Teocalli

the cutest and best preschool in all of CB!

Camp 4 Coffee

The General Store - Tom's daily cup of morning coffee

Community Garden

our two ice skating rinks at the park.
(one for hockey another for recreation) we can see them right out our master bedroom windows.
I've gotta get some skates. Also! to the right of the pine tree is a playground for the little ones -
swings, slides, mokey bars, jungle gyms and a mini rock climing wall - all two seconds from the house!

my handsome man!

When Tom first had me to Crested Butte this past summer, my last day spent here we rode our bikes up Cement Creek Rd. and sat down by the creek. Later known as "our spot" - it was a bittersweet moment because we rode back down the road, hopped in the truck and Tom took me to the airport... not knowing when we would see eachother again... this was my first time back there since I left.

Tom - at "our spot" off of Cement Creek Rd.

the snow sparkles - like ariel from the little mermaid dress... the second time she gets legs :P

thanks for reading!