Amanda's Visit!

Tom and I were blessed to have two really awesome vistors last month. The first was my Dad... and a week later my sister AMANDA! I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to have my family come all this way for a visit. Amanda and I had a great time filled with St. Patricks Day cheer, hikes, girls day, skiing... and oh yeah... more crafting! Below you will find Amanda's stay chronicled by pictures and little tid bits from me along the way!

I love this little lady from the top of her head to the tips of her toesies!

The Friday before St. Patricks Day Tom and I spent the day in Denver shopping and hanging out with friends, waiting for Amanda's plane to arrive at 10:30 pm. After Tom drove through the night to get us back to CB, we woke up the next morning ready for St. Patricks and green beer!!

We spent the morning and any other down time we had playing with lots of new crafting materials.. for the bambina's nursery.

Once enough green brews had been shared, we headed to the Mount Crested Butte where we planned on spending the weekend at the FestEVOL concerts. Here we saw the Barenaked Ladies and the Pete Kilpatrick Band.

A look into the future.. kiddies sliding down a little slope just left of the stage :)

Sunday we showed up a little more prepared with chairs and a blanket. Set them up and then went to the Avalanche for a little lunch before Guster started playing. However... they were not enjoyed much after this shot because of the large amount of snow that was dumpped on us... check out the before and after shot of the stage...

INSANITY. I was told this was brutal for even the most seasoned CO resident.

Tom would NOT put a hat on...

Seeing Guster was great! Amanda (Megan) and I love Guster so this was the day we couldn't miss. AND we got to see Big Head Tod and the Monsters, which was Tom's favorite. We're glad we stuck it out.

Next day was a little mountain hike right up Cement Creek Rd. near our house! The same hike we took Dad on a week earlier.. where Dad and I took this same picture :)

Then there was GIRLS DAY! Tom was not allowed to join. Amanda and I spent the morning taking maternity pictures, then headed to Elk Avenue in town to do a little shopping and eat lunch.

ha! being goofy. click here to see my maternity pictures.

We picked a place to eat that I hadn't been to yet. Lunch at the Ginger Cafe was delicious and such a treat! Thanks Amanda!!

Amanda's last day was spent with Tom up on the mountain. Amanda had never been skiing before and today was the day she learned!! I heard, after she attended ski school, she was skiing like a champ!! Amanda and Tom got some good bonding time in, which I was happy for :)

Pictures that Amanda got from the ski lifts.

The very next morning Amanda left on a bus back to Denver where she met up with our cousin Matt! Matt scooped her at the bus stop and after that I believe the two of them had a fun night downtown Denver where they watched some of the NCAA basketball tournament... Amanda lost her phone :) ha! The following arn't pictures of Amanda's time with Matt, but the time I visited him last summer. I just wanted to show you where he lives and where Amanda stayed. It's a pretty awesome spot!! I hope to be visiting Matt again this summer!! (Matt grew up in a family with 3 other brothers... so he loves us like sisters) ;)

ahh, yes... Matt is living the life. And this is me pre-baby. Lets hope it doesn't take long to get back the bikini body. Isn't this rooftop pool AMAZING!!! I love it. Super jealous Matt!!

Amanda had an early 6:00 am flight out of Denver the next morning that Matt so kindly took her to.

AMANDA - Thank you for coming to visit us!!!!! We enjoyed your stay so much and I cried pretty hard when you left, but we'll be seeing you out here again soon!! Enjoy Lake Murray for me... I can't wait to get back there, with your niece!

Much Love


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  1. I loved the time I got to spend with you and Tom and I love the home the two of you have created for our sweet little addition :) See the 3 of you sooon, love & like ya!