The Day I Met Tom.

... the story of us will be coming in the next couple of days ... it's a good one! :)


Landrie's FIRST pool day.

splish splash!
Landrie is a little fish. She loooves the tub so we knew her first trip to the pool would be a fun one :) Here she is in all her bathing glory.

...today Landrie and I took our first walk together over to the park. It is not a long walk, the park is just a hop and a skip from our house. When we were there I couldn't help but scope out my (our) favorite shady spot under a tree and imagine where Landrie and I will eat our picnic lunches and rest from play for awhile.... my new best friend!

pools and parks all in a day. whew!



Landrie is one month old.

Landrie was a month old on June 18! Time has flown by!! She is so sweet, we couldn't have asked for anything more. As far as we can tell, she has her daddy's eyes, lips and toes. She has her mommy's skin, nose, ears and little dimple above her hiney. Her head is so fuzzy and her hair is more a strawberry blonde-ish at the moment... we can't tell what it's doing. Mommy thinks it is falling out, but she does have 3 or four long strands coming out the crown of her head. Time will tell. She has roughly gained two pounds and grown two inches.

>> mornings - i smile lots
>> snuggling is my favorite.
>> daddy's bumpy truck
>> headbands
>> being skin to skin
>> floating in the tub with mom and dad
>> daddy's shoulder
>> mommy's boobies
>> napping on my tummy
>> white noise - bird sounds
>> swinging... sometimes.
>> clean diapers
>> hiking in my ergo
>> aladdin.. my first disney movie

>> evenings - i get fussy
>> gas - burps and toots.
>> hiccups
>> staying still for too long
>> getting dressed.
>> sun in my eyes.
>> im a pretty happy baby.

love her to pieces!!!

Our First Fathers Day

The first month of fatherhood...

Tom is an amazing Dad because he has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. You should see the way Tom shows off our new addition. He has lived in Crested Butte for 20 years and knows someone every where we go... so he always asks to carry her... then basically chases people down to introduce Landrie. His excitement, pride and joy is so much fun to watch. It makes me realize just how lucky Landrie and I are to have him in our lives. Over Father's Day weekend Tom and I took Landrie to her first concert in Salida. We saw The Motet cover the Talking Heads. On Sunday we took a stroll on Elk Ave and then went to a cookout with a few of our friends who are also new Dads! These are just a few of my favorite pictures of Tom and Landrie over the past month... WE LOVE YOU DAD!!

...and a happy Father's Day to the new Papa, too!

Daddys make the world go round.



Meet Landrie Mae Rudder

Born on May 18, 2012
weighing 7lbs 3oz
20in long
at 3:23 pm
(only 6 hrs of labor!)

She has been a joy since the moment she arrived.

Landrie Mae. You are loved. Welcome to the world sweetness.