It's a GIRL!!!

our little sprout...

is a sweet little

I have a special thing for elephants that i'll share later.
I plan on incorporating them in the nursery and loving this one from etsy!

Okay, sooo I secretly wanted a little girl... or maybe not so secretly. I think it's fair to say that the majority of women hope for a daughter one day. I was "thinking pink" (just like my grandpa did for his little pinky) for quite some time... and Christmas morning I woke up from a dream that our baby was a girl. Besides Uncle Nick, all family members on both sides of the family were crossing their fingers for a wittle boy. This past Tuesday we had our first doctors appointment with our new doctor and Tom and I both cried at the sound of our baby's strong and steady heartbeat. We were hoping to find out the sex of our baby that day, but were informed that ultrasounds are a seperate appointment made at the hospital. Oh, and they're 3D!! Wednesday morning, I jumpped out of bed and made a call to the hospital to schedule our appointment ASAP!  I was hoping for some time in the coming week, but then they asked, "Can you be here at 1:00?" We got off the phone and left 30 minutes later. What a day, what a day! Tom and I would have been happy boy or girl, as long as our baby was healthy and on track... and so far SHE is :)

19 weeks today.
approximately the size of a softball.
she weights about 1/2 a poud.
she is starting to make more intricate facial gestures (we saw her smile)
and unique fingerprints have now formed.
Due: May 25, 2012

We are blessed.



out with the old, in with the new!

Hello family, friends and followers! I have had a long leave of absence from the blogging world... my posts have been few and far between.  Finding myself in a new town, with new routines and a radically new life I wanted to give my blog a fresh start. The title of my new blog is Today's Fresh Face Let It Bee. With the news of a baby on the way, Tom and I decided to follow through on a path that was laid out before us. Our once super long distance romance has transformed into a budding family in the mountains of Crested Butte, CO. Today, I have been in Colorado for three weeks. We hauled a moving truck from NC to CO and since then it has been a whirlwind of unpacking, rearranging, cleaning and organizing, taking a short break for the Christmas holidays. I have already met some great new friends and Tom and I make quite the team. He has made every effort possible to make sure that I am comfortable and adjusting well. I love Tom so much and in return I feel more loved than ever before. I am SO lucky to have such an incredible man in my life to stand by me as we embark on the journey of parenthood together. The types of posts you will see in the future range in topic from baby planning, nursery decorating, the bump, new adventures, friendships, and house decor (I am living in a man's world),  scattered with your random crafty/artsy posts that I loveee so much. I miss feeling the closeness of friends nearby in the Carolinas. And if you were two hours away - that was close. I hope this blog will serve us as a way to feel near to one another no matter the miles between us.  Love to you and yours!

just a few pics of my cozy new town :)

P.S. We had a 3D ultrasound yesterday... and we know what we're having!!!!!!!!!!!! Check back soon.

P.S.S. Today is the first day I've been in CB where it has snowed off and on ALL day.