Baby Christina.

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Lets talk Baby Bump.

And now.. what you have all been waiting for {or so it seems}

{ Mandy Okon, college comrade, and her boyfriend Travis visited us from Denver last weekend. I LOVED having them here. So good to see friends. Mandy snapped this picture of me while we were shopping and eating lunch on Elk Avenue. Thanks Mandy! }

Given my handy work with a camera, you would think my blog and facebook would be filled with the typical "belly progression pics" and to be honest... that is something that I would have enjoyed doing. However, in the early months of my pregnancy... taking pictures was not at the top of my to do list. I was busy sorting out my own emotional well being. Eating right, getting plenty of sleep and oh yeah teaching art and coaching soccer... oh and then there was planning a move to Colorado. And on top of that I wanted to personally tell a lot of people before I announced it to facebook.... SO I was busy. Definitely not thinking of all the cute things that I could be doing. Infact, when I did announce our pregnancy I was already in the second trimester. At that point my baby bump resembled something of an overstuffed me after a thanksgiving meal.... who wants to see that. I've been waiting for my baby bump to start resembling one before I posted pictures. And here we are today. Week 26. Only one more week and I will officially have reached third trimester status. It is safe to say - there is a baby in there.

Also, Tom is a lot of sweet and amazing things. He cooks, he lotions my belly, gives me back rubs, he cleans, he is sooo handy, he makes me laugh everyday. He is beyond thoughtful and I only hope he knows how much I love and appreciate all he does for us. Our love is of the sweetest kind, but bless his heart - get him behind a camera and he thinks I look beautiful from every angle. Ha! Therefore, besides the picture Mandy got the rest are either taken by Tom or awakwardly done in a mirror - which if you were a fly on the wall - you would think was quite humorous.

That said - I am looking forward to our next visitor - my sister AMANDA!! who will be here St. Patrick's Day weekend for 7 whole days!!! I just know I am going to start balling crying when we pick her up at DIA. I can't wait to hug her neck and kiss her sweet face. We are going to have so much fun - lots of activities planned - and hopefully she can snap a few cute baby bump pictures for Tom and I... and those of you who care to see.

Enough rambling on for one day.
Enjoy your weekend friends!



New Pics and a Pregnancy Update.

Say hello to our sweetness once more!

If it seems like I have been MIA from the facebooking and blogging world as of late, you can blame that on Pinterest. I have had an account for awhilllllle, but just last week decided to actually log in to the website instead of trying to use my iPad app... makes a world of difference. Although I took some time off with the blog, I'm glad I did because I found a lot of great inspiration for designing our nursery!! We have finally made some purchases and I can't wait until the FedEx truck starts pulling in the driveway. We will have lots to share as her nursery begins to take shape! Painting this week!!

Lately I've been going on daily walks around the neighborhood and once a week Tom and I try to make it to the pool. Exercise is good, as the "baby bump" starts to protrude. It is safe to say at week 25 - I look pregnant. I would also like to say, thanks to the prenatal vitamins I've been taking my fingernails are better than ever (i haven't bit them since I moved!) and my hair is growing nice and long. Looking forward to a bright highlight as soon as summer rolls around!

We had a bit of a scare last week... I was in a moderate amount of pain for about three days in a row. We woke up on the first day, called the doctor and headed to the hospital. I had a NST (nonstress test) to check for preterm labor contractions. Everything came back just fine and two days later I felt great again. We think the pain was due to a fibroid, common among women - it poses no real threat, just sometimes pain due to growth or its blood supply being cut off. Lucky me, my fibroid is more substantial than most (5.6 centimeters in diameter). I have already had four ultrasounds - more than the typical pregnant woman - because my doctor wants to keep an eye on the fibroid, as well as sweet pea's fetal growth. Both are A.Ok.

Tom and I just like to see our little bundle :)
We hope you did, too!