2 year kind of love.

This Sunday my boyfriend Michael and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary! He's my best friend and we've been through a lot this past year. I can't think of anyone better to weather the storm with. Our long distance relationship started when I graduated from Western Carolina... and ever since we've been making it work! And it is work... but so worth it. I wanted to give Michael a little shout out on my new "Fresh Face" world... (which I assume will be as sinfully addictive as facebook). I pulled out my hidden stash of all things Michael and I. You know what I'm talking about.. ticket stubs, champagne stoppers, crafts, knick knacks of all sorts.. Anyways, I pulled out these post-it notes that Michael and I used to leave for each other and thought I would "repost-it" or them. They remind me of our college life, which we both love (and miss) so much. On this festive weekend we're headed to Asheville to jam to Tea Leaf Green and meander the city (in the sunshine and shorts - yay)! These are the weekends that we treasure. Michael and I are the definition of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. My life would not be as sweet without him in it. Love you handsome. Happy 2 year anniversary!


Fog, I mean blog.

Blog. The word brings images of a foggy creaky harbor at dusk (just sayin'). Three years ago, this word meant nothing to me. Infact, I think I remember the first time I ever heard it... I was like "a what?!" Now here I am today... blogging. It's crazy how that happens. It seems a blog can be used for many different purposes, mostly ranging between a career tool and family and friends connectedness tool. I'm not trying to get too specific yet. ~ meaning, I don't have any huge events in my personal life coming up to where I would need to be informing masses of people (masses = my mother's Langhorne side of the fam).. and I guess eventually it might be nice to jump start a creative business online, but for now I need to get my teaching career jump started (fo real) ~ So, I'm basically blogging, just because..... I'm curious.